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Wargame And Regimental Tactics Battle Engine Deluxe Code name for a regimental tactical real-time war game engine, in which Bright Portents will be implemented. WARTBED's second stage includes the possible or actual support of more games, which will entail a name change to OMG-WARTBED (Open Multi-Game Wargame And Regimental Tactics Battle Engine Deluxe).

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(OMG-)WARTBED is intended as a framework of enough flexibility to implement and capture varying and distinctive real-time tactical (RTT) games. There are three explicit goals of WARTBED: Firstly to reimplement certain older and seminal RTT titles that are problematic to run on modern operating systems. Secondly to allow easy creation of new and/or novel RTT modules. Thirdly, to allow "what-if" scenarios where units of different modules can confront each other.


For a general overview, see the WARTBED Design Document
For an overview of the WARTBED technical architecture, see the Architecture document

For in-depth view of specific topics and aspects, see


0.1 "Clausewitz"
0.2 "Jomini"

WARTBED Codenames

Design principles: WARTBED is designed according to a strict set of principles. It is structured to the Model-View-Controller layout, employs third-party middleware for major game engine features, but otherwise dissuades third-party dependencies.

Architecture: WARTBED is designed in a stratified architecture. The main system, containing the low-level underlying facilities (the "kernel") and core classes and access points constitutes the top tier, somewhere between an API and a framework, and is compiled as a library. The actual WARTBED engines, modules and any applications built on WARTBED is a second tier and compiled against the first-tier library.

Data: WARTBED defines a number of standard data formats. These are open and intended to be easy to modify. WARTBED also defines a game implementation structure where the highest level is a "module", which is an implementation of a particular game, which means a self-sufficient collection of maps, units, etc. Any module should contain one or several campaigns, consisting of a number of missions.

Interchangeability of data

WARTBED is aware of all installed modules, and missions and campaigns can require other modules to be installed when running. Thus missions and campaigns can use data of other modules. The most interesting aspect of this is allowing multi-player confrontations of units from different modules on various maps. Any such cross-over setting requires all involved parties to have the required data installed.


  • Ogitor is considered as terrain and scene editor. It is an Qt/OGRE-based FOSS project. It hasn't yet been evaluated regarding sufficiency for WARTBED.

High-level TODO-list


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Related or similar projects

  • Thousand Parsecs is a FOSS project under development for creating Master of Orion-styled turn-based strategy/4X galactic conquest games. It has several front-ends including an OGRE-based 3D client.
  • Glest is a relatively mature FOSS real-time strategy game as well as an engine to make RTS games.
  • Stratagus is a customisable FOSS RTS engine originally for playing Warcraft 2 and Starcraft on GNU platforms and over Internet. Now a platform that supports many games.
  • The Spring Engine is a lobby-driven 3D RTS-oriented application similar to WARTBED where games are developed and installed as "mods" for the engine.
  • The Battle for Wesnoth is another mature FOSS game, but aims not to be an engine but a single complete fantasy turn-based strategy game in the style of the Warlords titles.
  • UFO2000 is a FOSS game engine for UFO/X-COM-styled turn-based tactical multiplayer battles.
  • KOF 91 (aka KOF Linux or FFE) is a 2D Game Engine like Street Fighter but everything is easily customizable so you can easily add characters and backgrounds, etc or even make your own game.
  • M.U.G.E.N is a 2D fighting game engine. It is not open-source, but is free for non-commercial use.
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