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Carl Philipp Gottlieb von Clausewitz, 1780--1831


WARTBED v 0.1 "Clausewitz"

Named after Carl von Clausewitz: Preussian soldier, military historian and military theorist. Clausewitz is arguably the father of modern warfare and one of the most important theoreticians and writers on miiltary theory, strategy and tactics. With Clausewitz modern warfare starts. With Clausewitz, WARTBED starts.

Succeeded by 0.2 "Jomini"

Feature set

Basic facilities

  • OGRE back-end
  • HQ[234]X bitmap filtering
  • Automatic resource management
  • Fully customisable input bindings
  • Fully customisable and extendible event hanling
  • Very human-readable data script format

Game play

  • Flocking behaviour
  • Hierarchical groupings (units may be grouped in a division, which in turn may be part of an even higher group)
  • Formations keep relative positions
  • Targeting of actors, props and positions (that is, units, stuff and places)
  • Order issuing both for groups and units
  • Orders can be queued


  • OGRE 3D 1.6 "Shoggoth"
  • CEGui 0.7.1
  • OIS 0.7



  • Rudimentary module management system
    • Honest translation: rudimentary = stub + epsilon
    • Understandable honest translation: rudimentary = placeholder + absolute minimum
  • Full rendering of all Dark Omen graphical data (maps, effects, sprites)
    • This is already accomplished in a previous WARTBED prototype, but for reasons of stability needs to be rewritten

On War

Clausewitz seminal work on Napoleonic warfare:

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