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Related or similar projects

  • Thousand Parsecs is a FOSS project under development for creating Master of Orion-styled turn-based strategy/4X galactic conquest games. It has several front-ends including an OGRE-based 3D client.
  • Glest is a relatively mature FOSS real-time strategy game as well as an engine to make RTS games.
  • Stratagus is a customisable FOSS RTS engine originally for playing Warcraft 2 and Starcraft on GNU platforms and over Internet. Now a platform that supports many games.
  • The Spring Engine is a lobby-driven 3D RTS-oriented application similar to WARTBED where games are developed and installed as "mods" for the engine.
  • The Battle for Wesnoth is another mature FOSS game, but aims not to be an engine but a single complete fantasy turn-based strategy game in the style of the Warlords titles.
  • UFO2000 is a FOSS game engine for UFO/X-COM-styled turn-based tactical multiplayer battles.
  • KOF 91 (aka KOF Linux or FFE) is a 2D Game Engine like Street Fighter but everything is easily customizable so you can easily add characters and backgrounds, etc or even make your own game.
  • M.U.G.E.N is a 2D fighting game engine. It is not open-source, but is free for non-commercial use.
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