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WARTBED Architecture
Documents related to technical design aspects and implementation details.
For a general overview of WARTBED, see the WARTBED Design Document

Architectural documents:

* Modules * Networking * Model-View-Controller
* Audio * Scripting * Terrain Rendering


0.1 "Clausewitz"
0.2 "Jomini"

The baseline WARTBED modules will feature regimental battlefield action in earth-like settings (meaning featuring aspects regonisably Terra-normal, such as undulating terrain, gravity and wind forces).

Rendering libraries

OGRE 3D is used for the underlying multi-platform rendering engine. There are several plug-in libraries for OGRE that might be of use for WARTBED's terrain rendering.

  • SkyX is a photorealistic sky and atmosphere rendering plug-in, replacing Caelum.
  • Hydrax is a plugin for rendering over- and underwater effects.
  • Myrddin Landscape Plugin is a complete OGRE scenegraph that handles terrain, sky and water rendering (although less gorgeously than SkyX or Hydrax).

Sample images created with libraries discussed

Hydrax water rendering library - equatorial setting 2_.png

SkyX sky redering library - night scene 3.png

Myrddin combination rendering library screenshot6-2.jpg

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