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Description of WARTBED file formats.


Types of File Formats

Archives and Virtual File Systems

Many WARTBED data files are in fact .zip archives. Some contain several files, like .model files, and sometimes entire file systems of directories and files, like the .module files.


Human-readable text-based mark-up language for data definitions. Script v2 is a flexible language parser that can use arbitrarily defined symbols for scoping and operators, but the WARTBED Script syntax is loosely based on C/C++ syntax. The WARTBED Script can be said to fulfil the same function as XML, but is infinitely more readable and easy to maintain.

See The WARTBED Script Format

File Formats


See application.config

3D Geometry ("Models")

3D geometry (a "model") is represented as a set of files contained inside a .ZIP archive with .model extension. Archive containing the following file types and extensions (can contain any number of all file types except meshes.desc).


A spritesheet it a texture where every frame of a sprite is laid out. A sprite may have several spritesheets. Notice that if frames are cropped to minimal rectangles their in-game size will vary. Size frames to reflect their in-game size.

sprite.desc text (1)
spritesheet.bmp/jpg/png bitmap (2)


map.desc (1)

placeholder line

placeholder line

Formats related to unit attributes

Main article: Units, Regiments and Armies
See Unit Attributes
  • Unit definition format
  • Regiment file format
  • Army file format

Modules and Campaigns

Modules are top-level files. Principally considered self-sufficient and contains a complete and specific game (though it may use data of other modules, which voids its self-sufficiency). Must contain at least one campaign or individually playable mission.

The .module format

Campaigns are sequences of cutscenes and missions, the order of which are determined by simple scripting.

The .campaign format


A mission is composed of a map, engagement parameters (zones and rules), armies and victory conditions.


A cutscene can be interactive or non-interactive. It can follow simple scripting.


background : bitmap name; //background for module main menu 
music: music name; //bgm for module main menu
icon : bitmap name; //"icon" for module in WARTBED main menu
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