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WARTBED is very much in development. Even so certain structures and usages are relatively completed and should resemble their finished state.

Notes on reading the manual

  • Unless otherwise stated all type names are subsumed under the wb namespace, f.i. "Order" should be read as "wb::Order".
  • Nested namespaces are provided; f.i. "mvc::Controller" should be read as "wb::mvc::Controller".


Framework fundamentals

  1. Naming and other conventions used in WARTBED
  2. Booting and shutting down WARTBED
  3. Models, Actors and Props
  4. Targets and Orders
  5. The Theatre of War
  6. Contexts and RuleSets [Forthcoming]

In-depth guides

  1. Creating a module 1: Importing game data and converting to WARTBED format [Forthcoming]
  2. Creating a module 2: The Module, Campaign and Mission scripts [Forthcoming]
  3. Creating a module 3: The Unit and Weapon scripts [Forthcoming]
  4. Placeholder
  5. Placeholder
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