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Stub page the may be updated as I go along. Does not in anyway represent the current state of the WARTBED code base. This page will be replaced by an auto-generated JavaDoc (or similar) reference later.

Reference for WARTBED development framework

See also the The WARTBED Manual


wb // main WARTBED namespace
WARTBED-common namespaces
camera { enums for controlling a WARTBED Camera object }
gui { all things CEGUI and GUI are encapsulated here }
input { all input-related aspects are collected here }
mvc { contains the base classes for the Model-View-Controller architecture }
ogre { all things OGRE are encapsulated here }
order { the order queue and all specific order classes are contained here }
It is quite likely that all module-specific namespaces will not be part of the WARTBED
proper, but rather be used in separate Game-to-WARTBED conversion utilities
sothr { Code specific to handle Warhammer: Shadow of the Horned Rat }
darkomen { Code specific to handle Warhammer: Dark Omen }


namespace ::
Symbol #include Description
Wartbed Wartbed.h Framework initialisation object. When created will boot OGRE and initialise all basic facilities.

namespace wb
Symbol #include Description
Actor wb_Models.h
Camera wb_Kernel.h Versatile camera abstraction that is designed for automate movement, focusing, swiveling, circling and orbiting operations.
Order wb_Orders.h
Orderable wb_Orders.h
Progressive wb_Models.h
Prop wb_Models.h
Target wb_Target.h
TargetOrder wb_Orders.h (Abstract) Base class for all orders specifically targeting another Model

namespace wb::mvc
Symbol #include Description
Controller wb_MVC.h Abstract base for classes facilitating interaction between users and views and the underlying simulation.
Model wb_MVC.h Game entities that constitutes the simulation
View wb_MVC.h Representations of the simulated universe

namespace wb::order
Symbol #include Description
Defend wb_Orders.h (Abstract) Base class for all orders designating a target to be defended
Escort wb_Orders.h
Hold wb_Orders.h
Move wb_Orders.h
Queue wb_Orders.h Stack of Orders used by Actor
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