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The WARTBED Power Goals are advanced, epic or simply cool features that will (or should) contribute to the framework, but are distant and eventual but not prioritised goals.


Power goals

  • (PWG-S-EX1Finished) Completed item
  • (PWG-S-EX2) Close to completion
  • (PWG-S-EX3) Advanced
  • (PWG-S-EX4) Basic
  • (PWG-S-EX5) Beginning
  • (PWG-S-EX6) Stub
  • (PWG-S-EX7) Nothing

Supported games

Engine core capabilities

  • (PWG-EC-001) Genuine MP: A battle should support more than two simultaneous players
  • (PWG-EC-002) Agnostic players: Players should be able to be either human or AI
  • (PWG-EC-003) Allying and factions: Players should belong to (or be able to ally?) factions, allowing team wins
  • (PWG-EC-004) Spectating: A player should be allowed to be non-active, that is a spectator-only
  • (PWG-EC-005) Co-op AI/MP factions: EC1--3 implies co-op gaming with AI allies

Engine bonus capabilities

  • (PWG-EX-001) Water. We all love water. Men'o War loves water. Age of Sails loved water. Cats don't like water, but then they are not part of the power goal. So ships of the line, naval tactics and littoral warfare would be seriously cool.
  • (PWG-EX-002) Support for using buildings. Napolean: Total War pulled it off, as did Close Combat. Buildings can be of immense tactical value and requires very specialised code.


  • (PWG-Z-001) Sheep and catapults. The only thing more that needs to be said is "cattle in general". But sheep are somehow a cooler missile.
  • (PWG-Z-002) A RTT based on Sailor Moon implemented in WARTBED. Admit it, you would play it!
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