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Note: This article is ahead of itself. It does not represent how WARTBED currently looks or a decision as to how it will look. It is written as a guideline and as a place to jot down ideas.

Also see WARTBED file formats article.

WARTBED main folder/

bin/ - Executables and libraries
(bin_d/ - Executables and libraries for debug build)
cfg/ - Currently only contains application.config
resources/ - All common resources and assets
modules/ - All game module description files and data folders
These may be a file structure,
but in release versions all
files are inside an .zip archive

Example file.module - see module format below
Example module folder/

Good faction.campaign - see campaign format below
Evil faction.campaign
Resources/ - Additional resources common to all campaigns under the module
Good faction/ - Additional resources common to all campaigns under the module
Resources/ - Additional resources specific to the campaign

Application settings

See The application.settings file format

Contains all application configuration settings, like graphic options and key bindings. Some of these settings are indented to be overridable on a per-module bases to allow more faithful recreations of original titles.

Modules and campaigns

See The .module and .campaign file formats article

Modules are large-scale settings. Though intended to represent game remakes (f.i. Bright Portents and the Saga modules are modules implementing Dark Omen and the Myth games in WARTBED) they can of course be totally new games. Modules in turn contains campaigns which are sequences of connected battles within the setting of a module. Modules and campaigns also allow basic customisation of the WARTBED framework, for instance of user interface appearance etc.

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