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Wh32Edit (short for Warhammer "32-Bit" Editor) is an army-editor inspired by Mikademus' WH2EDIT.

The program has been released at the 23 December 2008. It's written in C++ and uses the crossplattform GUI-API wxWidgets. So it will also run e.g. on Linux (if you want a Wh32Edit there ;)). After the initial release it got only small bugfixes and improvements (like a function to export a regiment to the Dark Omen Forum syntax)

Midyear 2009 Ghabry decided to develop a new Wh32Edit version from scratch because the old code base was ugly which made adding new features nearly impossible. It uses, like Wartbed, Mikademus' ArmParser class. It is still in development. The expected release date of the final version is the first half of 2010.
The new version is open source (GPLv3) and the sourcecode can be found on Google Code. To compile it you need wxWidgets 2.9 and of course a C++ Compiler. Compiled versions are available too. Note: The development of this version has been canceled in April 2010 (and there were no updates since december). If there should ever be a new version it will use Qt as GUI-Toolkit (see this forum post too).

Features Wishes


Wishlist for WH32edit

  • calculate money/gold of army + items using local aud file as reference.(1)
  • check army units stats + attributes match those of the same unit in the local aud file.(1)
  • Easy pluginsystem to implement new rulesets (perhaps ini or xml....)
  • free

(1) I have made these requests in the aid of detecting cheaters from tournaments and for fairplay.

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