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Tools for editing and modding Dark Omen currently being developed and in a more-or-less working state:

Name Description Developer Language Binary Source
WH2EDIT The original army file editor, written in 1998 in Borland Pascal by Mikademus. Allows editing virtually every aspect of an army, but is relatively buggy. Supplanted by Ghabry's editor (see below). Mikademus Pascal Download -
Wh32Edit The new and shiny army file editor written by Ghabry in WXWidgets/C++ and runs both under Win32 and Linux. Like WH2EDIT allows editing virtually every aspect of an army, but is relatively not buggy :). Ghabry C++ Download Download
CLI Editor All of Dark Omen's data can be accessed and edited through the source base's parser classes. These include a PRJParser, BTBParser, CTLParser, SHDParser and LITParser classes. The Currenty front-end is a CLI (text mode) editor using literal expressions for commands, but the final version will be a 3D map editor (the parser classes are fully independent and decoupled from platform and front end). Allows editing most aspects of every existing map. Also includes functionality to view data of .M3D files. Developed in C++ by Mikademus. Mikademus C++ - -
BTB Editor Parser and editor for the .BTB battle boundaries and special regions file format. Written in C# by Rob. Rob C# Download -
DOT-Editor A program to modify the path of the dots on the overworld Ghabry Java Download Download
MDose SPR Editor The original .SPR sprite file editor. Function-complete but buggy. Written in Delphi in 1998 by Mikademus. To be supplanted by Rob's C# editor. Mikademus Delphi - -
RDose (Rob's SPR editor) A newer and improved editor incorporating new information about the .SPR format. Written in C# by Rob. Rob C# Download -
.M3D-to-Blender Model Converter Tool to import and export DO's .M3D models to the Blender 3D editor. Rob Blender API (Python) Download Download
3D Editor 3D editor for Dark Omen levels. Currently is in alpha state, level viewing only. Mikademus C++ using WARTBED.
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