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The CLI Editor (Command Line Interface Editor) is a command- prompt-like text mode frontend for the Dark Omen parser classes that allows viewing and editing most aspects of Dark Omen battles. The editor currently allows transparently navigating between and editing the PRJ, BTB and CTL files of a battle, and additionally allows viewing M3D and LIT files.


The CLI Editor can be unpacked anywhere. The only requirement prior to running is that a file named basepath.txt is located at the same place as the executable, and its contents is the path to Dark Omen's 1pbat folder.


Help: Context-sensitive instructions are available anywhere by typing "help".

Accessing battles: When executed the editor is in root level mode signified by the simple prompt ">". From here a battle is opened for viewing or editing by the command "open" followed by the folder name of the battle, f.i. "open b1_02". If only the command "open" is given all valid battles are listed.

Accessing specific files: When a battle has been opened the specific areas (files) of the battle can be accessed by typing the extension of that file, f.i. "btb", "prj" or "ctl". This enters the specialised editors for that format, and which is currently active is indicated by the prompt. By typing "exit" the editor is returned to root level. Any changes are not abandoned. Areas can freely be toggled between while editing.

Saving changes: When in a particular editor changes can be committed by typing "save". Typing "save" followed by a filename saves the changes to a new file of the given name, or overwrites an existing file of that name. Typing "save" in root level commits all changes after a yes/no confirmation query.

Exiting the editor: Typing "exit" in a specialised editor leaves that editor for the root prompt. Typing "exit" at root terminates the session. Typing "bye" anywhere terminates the session immediately.

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