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  1. Already included in Mod Pack

Latest version =>

Background: Problems with Dark Omen

  1. Regiment numbers: Fewer units provide shorter entertainment. Do you miss the massive battles from Singleplayer campaign?
  2. Artillery: How many battles reached a stalemate situation due to the steady artillery?
  3. Shield costs: Who dares to buy shields? This feature is not used because of high values, for example Zombies shield cost 600gc!
  4. Experience evolution: Who can afford for TOP Wights (8400gc) or TOP Orc Boar Boyz (7680gc) in a serious army?
  5. Item costs: Swords too expensive, Ptolos & Spelleater (which is better) at 500gc, Horn of Urgok‘s effect at only 750gc…

Fair Omen Changes

General Info

Fair Omen reorganizes Regiments/Items giving them a different Size/Price/Order and corrects a few mistakes from programmers. Regiments have a mathematical Structure based on multiplies of 60 and were distributed forming Factions.

All Troops were resized into an Epic Scale: 1-3-6-9-12-16-20-26-32. To edit an Army you have Total Freedom: You have permission to purchase any number of a same Regiment and there aren’t limits for Experienced Regiments or Items.

Mobile Artillery: Siege machines get Movement 2 and “Will never rout”. They are single units with 3 Wounds. Don’t have close attack. Ballistic Skill: Imperial Cannon +1 (to 4); Orc Ballista +1 (to 4).

Initiative boost: Regiments get +2 Initiative to improve their pathfinding. Movement: Vampire -1 (to 5); Wraiths +1 (to 5).

Leadership boost: Regiments get +1 Leadership to fight longer. Exceptions: Wood Elves/Wights/Mummies (all keep L8).

Grail Knights: They replace Knights of the Realm to become a better cavalry option. Grail Knights are stronger and “Immune to fear”.

Greenskins improvements: Monsters Squads => Trolls 3/3, Spiders 3/3, Scorpions 6/6. Scorpions and Orc Big'uns get “Immune to fear”.

Errors corrected from programmers: Despite descriptions, Mercenary Ogres didn’t “Cause fear” and Zombies weren’t “Immune to fear”.

Experienced Troops

Old System: In DO, next levels double the Regiment's "last price", e.g. Zombies prices are 270 (L1)/ 540 (L2)/ 2160(L4 FE). Considering gold spent, it’s quite clear that Quantity is more convenient than Quality.

New System: In FO, next levels have a slight price increase based on the Regiment's performance. Also adds "shield upgrades" where Regiments with higher level also come with higher armor, always based on the Racial limits.

Item Costs

They are multiplies of 40 to help you spend all gold when playing with 5k/7k Limits.

Skabskrath 240 Spelleater 280 Wrath 440 Wand of Jet 280 Horn of Urgok 2800
Hellfire 160 Ptolos 120 Defiance 360 Staff of Osiris 280 Potion of Strenght 160
Storm 160 Enchanted 40 Mork's War 240 Book of Ashur 120 Heart of Woe 80
Grudgebringer 120 Dragonhelm 40 Arcane Warding 240
Runefang 40
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