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Main Idea

- The Factions rule was created under the belief that with less resources to make something, you have to enhance your imagination to achieve your goal. In game terms, the great diversity of units to choose from the three Main Groups have been divided to finally reach the objective of redefine the strategies at the time of build an army and play wit it on the battlefield.

Items Division

- The division of the objects also respond to different reasons: help balance the offensive and defensive power of a Faction, resolve (or at least try to) some conflicts produced by the use of some items and give more protagonism in the battle to certain objects.

Notes and Restrictions

  1. There is no need for any patches or anything that change your Dark Omen Program in anyway.
  2. You must agree with the other player, before the build of the armys, if both are gonna make use of the Factions.
  3. Both Players creates a 3000 army.
  4. Every unit have a maximum number of the same type unit allowed on the battle that you cannot exceed. This number is specified on the MAX column.
  5. Only Level 1 regiments are allowed.
  6. Two items is the maximum allowed by army. You can choose from the Items of the Faction that you are using, from the common items list or from both. It's NOT an obligation to buy an item.
  7. You must spend all the gold coins that you can; this means that if after buying all the units and items that you want, you still have enough gold coins to buy another regiment or item, you MUST spend it in one or both of these options. Always having in mind that you cannot exceed the MAX number for the units and the two items by army.
  8. In the infrequent case that you don't have enough gold coins to buy a unit or item, but this money is enough to buy extra armor for any already hired unit, then you CAN DO IT. And this is the only way permitted to buy extra armour.

Special Factions Rules (SFR)

All the words or letters that appear in the column Sp are related with the SFR that are linked at the end of this section. Note that other numbers or codes can also appear; in this case the message is part of the Factions, it links to an Exception that must be attended and have nothing related to the SFR. The SFR where thought to resolve in some way various conflicting situations that can appear in the beginning, in the course of the battle or at the end. BUT, it’s very important to make clear that the use of the Factions don’t implies the use of the SFR. I repeat; if you use the Factions you don’t have the obligation to use the SFR. So, in the same way that you and your opponent agree the use of the Factions, both of you must agree the use of all the SFR, some of them or none.


The Most Important Rule

-Taked from the Warhammer Fantasy RuleBook 7° Edition

"Remember, you're playing to enjoy a challenging battle with friends, where having fun and keeping to the spirit of the game is more important than winning at any cost. Warhammer is an involving game, with many different races, weapons, and endless possibilities. In a game of this size and level of complexity there are bound to be certain occasions where a particular situation lies outside the rules as they are written. Warhammer players should feel free to improvise where necessary, resolving such situations in a friendly and mutually agreed manner, and evolving the game far beyond the published rules if they wish. When you come across a situation in a battle that is not covered fully by the rules, be prepared to interpret a rule or comme up with a suitable house rule for yourselves. So, after the game has finished, sit down and discuss what happened with your opponent and see if you can both reach an agreement incase the same situation ever arises again." Or you can walk by this TOPIC , say hello, and post your opinion and/or ideas!

Factions Lists

EMPIRE Max Gold Special
Imperial Bowmen 4 480 HC
Imperial Halberdiers 3 435 HC
Imperial Greatswords 3 435 HC
Pistoliers 2 600 HC-CHA
Imperial Cannon 3 375 HC-AB
Imperial Mortar 2 450 HC-AB
Imperial Items
Stormsword 1 500 -
Banner of Arcane Warding 1 500 -
Dragonhelm 1 375 -
MERCENARIES Max Gold Special
Mercenary Crossbowmen 4 480 HC
Mercenary Swordsmen 4 435 HC
Mercenary Cavalry 1 1350 HC
Bright Wizard 2 525 HC-CHA
Flagellants 2 360 HC
Ogres 1 1200 HC
Mercenaries Items
Grudgebringer Sword 1 625 -
Banner of Defiance 1 250 -
Book of Ashur 1 375 -
ALLIANCE Max Gold Special
Wood Elf Archers 2 525 HC
Wood Elf Glade Guards 3 525 HC
Dwarf Warriors 4 525 HC-CHA
Knights of the Realm 1 1350 HC
Ice Mage 2 525 HC-CHA
Treeman 1 2700 HC-CHA
Allied Items
Runefang 1 375 -
Shield of Ptolos 1 500 -
Banner of Wrath 1 375 -

ORCS Max Gold Special
Orc Arrer Boyz 4 450 HC
Orc Boyz 5 360 HC
Orc Boar Boyz 2 960 HC
Orc Shaman 2 525 HC-CHA
Orc Big'uns 3 450 HC
Bolt Thrower 4 210 HC-AB
Rock Lobber 2 600 HC-AB
Orcish Items
Hellfire Sword 1 625 -
Mork's War Banner 1 500 -
GOBLINS Max Gold Special
Night Gob Archers/with Fans 6/4 300/480 HC
Night Gob Warriors/with Fans 8/5 270/450 HC
Troll 3 480 CHA
Night Goblin Shaman 3 525 HC-CHA
Gigantic Spider 3 150 -
Gigantic Scorpion 3 120 -
Goblins Items
Horn of Urgok 1 750 -

VAMPIRES Max Gold Special
Ghouls 6 375 HC
Skeleton Warriors 5 450 HC
Skeleton Horsemen 2 840 HC
Vampire 1 750 HC-CHA
Wights 2 1050 HC
Black Grial 1 1350 HC-666
Vampires Items
Skabskrath 1 750 -
Spelleater 1 500 -
Skeleton Archers 4 540 HC
Zombies 6 270 -
Necromancer 2 525 HC-CHA
Mummies 2 1200 HC
Wraiths 1 1500 HC
Skull Catapult 2 510 HC-AB
Necromancers Items
Staff of Osiris 1 250 -
Wand of Jet 1 250 -

666 - If the BLACK GRIAL it's part of your army you cannot buy any item, not even from the common ones. Still you can capture items from your enemies on the battlefield

COMMON ITEMS Max Gold Special
Potion of Strenght 1 125 -
Enchanted Shield 1 250 -
Heart of Woe 1 250 -

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