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Download Rob's BTBXML Converter ->

Install Python 2.5.2 ->

Install XML Editor like Microsoft's XML Notepad 2007

Unzip the BTBXML download into your desired Map Folder C:\Program Files\Dark Omen\GameData\1pbat\B1_01 and Right Click to select Edit with Idle on either (to convert B1_01.BTB to XML) or that will covert xml to .BTB

Once Edit with Idle has been select it will open the python file, so select Run at the top of the menu bar and then Run Module or press F5

The XML Output file will be appear in the same Map Folder and is called out.xml, double click to run and Internet Explorer will display its contents or edit with XML Editor and once finshed use the script to convert your out.xml file changes, back into B1_01.BTB

To Mod other Maps Edit the Map Name (Coloured in Green Text) at the end of each script file and paste these 2 python scritps into the same folder as the .BTB file you want to alter.

Example: Paste and into B5_01B and Edit the end of script

B = BTB("B5_01B.BTB")



Then Run ->Run Module (Prompts for Save) and will produce a new out.xml in :\Program Files\Dark Omen\GameData\1pbat\B5_01B and after you edit and save your changes in the new out.xml (using an XML Editor), open and edit the end of script

F = file("B5_01B.BTB","wb")



and again Run and Save and this will now convert the changes you made in out.xml directly into B5_01B.BTB (hover your mouse over the file to see a new a Modified Date appear thats confirms the successfull changes).

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