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Transcluded from Wartbed:Unit data/Attributes

Suggested WARTBED unit attributes
Attribute Full name Value range Human std Description
Physical attributes
Mov Movement 0+ 1.5 In game units per game time unit (meters/second?)
WSk Weapon Skill 0--100 30 Melee prowess
RSk Ranged Skill 0--100 30 Missile accuracy
Pow Power 0--100 30 Strength and weight
Tgh Toughness 0--100 30
HP Hit Points (wounds) 1+ 1
Ini Initiative 0--100 30
Att Attacks 0+ 1
Sta Stamina 0--100 30 Endurance
Rec Recovery rate 0--100 30 Reduction of fatigue/time unit
Fat Fatigue 0--100 0 Tiredness (not an attribute but a counter)
Psychological attributes
LdrLeadership 0--100 50 Bonus to tests
TacTactics 0--100 50 What manoeuvres can be performed
StdSteadfastness 0--100 50 Resistance to fear, panic, rout etc
FerFerociousness 0--100 50 Berserking etc
StuStupidity 0--100 50 Risk of confusion etc
MorMorale 0--100 50
All attributes range from 0 to 100, where a value of 30 for physical and 50 for psychological attributes is considered human standard, the exceptions are hit points and attacks, where one (1) is considered human standard, fatigue, which usually starts at zero (0), and movement where human standard marching speed is 1.5 m/sec (3 m/sec at double quick and 6 m/sec at charge).

Movement capabilities

Transcluded from Wartbed:Unit data/Movement capabilities

WARTBED Units movements are defined in a set of abilities, declared per-unit in their script file definitions:

Suggested WARTBED movement capabilities
Positive Negative Description
can cross land can't cross land Normal land movement
landwalker not landwalker Unhampered by difficult terrain
can cross woods can't cross woods Can walk through forests
woodwalker not woodwalker Unhampered by forests
can_cross_water can't cross water Can cross shallow water
can swim can't swim Can cross deep water
can levitate can't levitate Can cross all terrain (but not chasms)
can fly can't fly Can move to any valid area
All units default to the negative on all abilities (i.e. can't move at all). Movement capabilities must explicitly be turned on. Units inherit the capabilities of their superclass (a wood elf inherits the same movement capabilities as the base elf it specialises), and if it shouldn't have an ability, it must be turned off explicitly (set to the negative).

Status attributes

Transcluded from Wartbed:Unit data/Status attributes

Status attributes are temporary (timed) or permanent attributes that affect a single unit or an entire regiment. Possible status attributes may include:

  • is_prone
  • is_bleeding
  • is_poisoned
  • is_burning
  • is_enraged
  • is_berserk
  • is_afraid
  • is_terrorstruck
  • is_stunned
  • is_confused
  • is_nauseous
  • is_paralysed
  • is_invulnerable
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