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I always wondered how they restrict Troops, such as no artillary in the Mines, due to a roof, now i know, nice find Ghabry.

520. 4C4F78 WH_SetDefaultSaveName "Drakenhof Castle 1"

530. 4C4FC8 WH_ExcludeUnit 4 = Grudgebringer cannon

531. 4C4FD0 WH_ExcludeUnit 5 = Imperial Cannon

532. 4C4FD8 WH_ExcludeUnit 15 = Imperial Mortor -- Olly

Please insert your signature by appending --~~~~, thx. They use the WH_ExcludeUnit to remove the unit from the army book (= status inactive). This is one way to hide a unit from the battlefield. But as a bonus they also removed these unit Ids from the Drakenhof-BTB-File file so even if the Units would have been enabled they couldn't have been deployed ;) --Ghabry 16:25, 23 August 2010 (UTC)
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