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BTS - SotHR Battle Script format

Warhammer: Shadow Of The Horned Rat

Instructions are for Windows 95 only although this will probably work with Windows 3.1 as well.

Start the game as normal Load any saved file Now press ALT ESC this will change Warhammer to a window Start WORDPAD from the START PROGRAM ACCESSORIES menu Open file [DRIVE]:SHADOW OF THE HORNED RAT\SAVED\ARMY.MRC

Now the fun begins. Modify any unit listed or add new/killed ones. Add magic items or spells.

You may modify the number of troops or Active troops given after S_SIDE as setstats:s_side=[reserved],[troops],[active troops],[reserved]

You may change any of the values after S_MOVE as they represent the stats from the book. Increase Move (Non mounted only), Weapon Skill, Balistic Skill, Strength, Toughness, Wounds, Initiative, Attacks, or Leadership. setstats:s_move=M,W,B,S,T,W,I,A,L

If you know the names for magic items you may add them to any units after the banner line. banner:BannerMrcCmdr,0 addmagicitem:ItemGrudgeBringer

If you know the names for spells you may add them to any wizards after the banner line. banner:BannerAmber,0 addspell:GeneralDispel

To help you with these review the .MRC and .BTS file in directory SHADOW OF THE HORNED RAT\FILE\SCRIPT

You may copy complete units from the MRC files. Do not forget to update the number of units set:count=

Many other things can be changed such as armor, weapon, balistic weapon etc. However these use codes and not names so you will need to experiment.

Once you have finished save the file and return to the game. Use the maximise button to get the full screen.

You will now find all these values reflected in the troop roster and everywhere else.

[Note] you can only modify ARMY.MRC after loading a game as it is stored in memory after this.

Also the amount of gold may be modified using a hex editor from any saved file in [DRIVE]:SHADOW~1\SAVED\SAVEGAME.[n] It is stored at location F0 in the file in reverse hex form ie F7 01 = 500.

I recommend copying ARMY.MRC and SAVEGAME.[n] before starting and the usual disclaimers are in effect, you do this at your own risk.

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