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To mod Dark Omen speech and music use Rob's Dark Omen Audio Converter:-

Download/Install Audacity and .NET 2.0

(Download and Extract DarkOmenAudio.exe into the required DarkOmenSound Folder)

Start -> Run -> cmd

cd C:\Program Files\Dark Omen\Sound\SP_ENG

DarkOmenAudio.exe WH059.mad

Decrypts it to same folder but as WH059.wav


cd C:\Program Files\Dark Omen\Sound\Music

DarkOmenAudio.exe 1boun001.sad

Decrypts it to same folder but as 1boun001.wav

However to Encrypt to .MAD

cd C:\Program Files\Dark Omen\Sound\SOUND

DarkOmenAudio.exe BRD01.wav  

but after Audacity has altered from 32bit to 16bit Set sample Format

to comply with 16bit, mono Sample Format, 22050Hz on both the track and project Hz before exporting selected audio.

However to Encrypt to .SAD

cd C:\Program Files\Dark Omen\Sound\SOUND

DarkOmenAudio.exe BRD01c.wav

must be Stereo Wav so Audacity has copied and pasted onto new Stereo Wav 16 bit 22050Hz on both the track and project Hz before exporting selected audio.

To get new music into Dark Omen use Rob's DarkOmen Audio Convertor to create .SAD and .MAD files.

To prevent overwriting the 4 main original Background Music tracks - BATTLE1.FSM BATTLE2.FSM, EERIE9.FSM and EERIE11.FSM  use the 2005 remix alternate Dark Omen Music tracks, composed by the Original Dark Omen composer Mark Knight.

Each .PRJ file calls a music track, so examine the B1_01.PRJ file in a Hex Editor and search for MUSC

B1_01.PRJ uses BATTLE1.FSM

BATTLE1.FSM can be found in

C:Program FilesDark OmenSoundScript

.FSM are script files that in turn call the .SAD music files, they can be opened and altered in Notepad. Copy BATTLE1.FSM and rename the copy to BATTLE3.FSM.Then open BATTLE3.FSM in Notepad and Edit the following lines....

Battle music samples.

sample 2bttl001 mBintro1  to be    sample Funky MBintro1

sample 2bttl002 mBintro2  to be    sample SOTHR mBintro2

sample 1tnse005 mDdumchr1a to be   sample Choir mDdumchr1a

keep repeating the process until u reach sample 1tnse024 mDstrxyl4 to be sample Choir mDstrxyl4

and also change

sample 1tnse063 mDend1 to be sample SOTHR mDend1

sample 1tnse064 mDend2 to be sample SOTHR mDend2

sample 1tnse065 mDend3 to be sample SOTHR mDend3

Create new Audio .SAD files of Mark Knight's 2005 remix music track Funky Dark Omen and Choir sample music and past into

C:\Program Files\Dark Omen\Sound\Music

After converting them in Audacity from MP3 to 16bit mono 22050hz(and 100% increased Speed) Wav files and convert using Rob's audio tool into .SAD files. Then edit B1_01.PRJ to call Battle3.FSM

So now on mission 1 The Trading Post, Choir music will play during the deployment phase and when the troops begin to attack the Music phases into an original Shadow of the Horned Rat music and then progresses onto Funky Dark Omen (Techno Sounding), leaving the original tracks intact and used by other maps, which means every map (28 of them) can eventually have a new Background music track, using the 2005 Remix Dark Omen tracks or even use Shadow Of The Horned Rat Background music.

SOTHR old music

Especially suited for Multiplayer .PRJ files, for our Dark Omen Community Tournament - youtube showcase movies.

Download Example Beta File

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