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Multi-player Maps

These maps are currently available for multi-play. Some maps are the same as originally available with the release Dark Omen edition (marked as "originally available"), and some have been retroactively modded into the game from single player maps (designated by "converted from SP map" and the map patch they were made available in). Fully originally maps will be marked as such when available.

Original Maps

These MP maps were part of the original 1998 Dark Omen release.

# Map Name
1 Place holder
2 The Empire

Community maps

These maps are converted from SP maps or built from an existing Dark Omen base map modified in various ways (items, obstacles, models, textures, zones).

Community Map Patch 1 was released the Nov 25 2008.

# Map Name Source map Made available
1 The Trading Post The Trading Post SP Community Map Patch 1
2 The Empire Undead Town Community Map Patch 1

Single-player maps

# Map Name
Chapter 1: The Undead Have Risen
1 The Trading Post
2 df The Empire
Chapter 2:
1 The Trading Post
Chapter 3: The Hand of Nagash
1 The Trading Post
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