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The DOT-Files define where the dots on the overworld are drawn when the Grudgebringers are moving to there next mission.



The header has a size of 16byte. It looks like that only the pathNum is interesting.

 struct HEADER
     int dotIdentify; // identifies a DOT-File. Always 0x54444F54 (WDOT)
     int unknown1;    // always 0x67
     int unknown2;    // 0x28, CH1_ALL.DOT has 0x060028
     int pathNum;     // Number of different paths


The first path directly follows the header.
They contain the x and y-coordinates of the points the path will follow.
The points are only orientations for the path. The actual path is drawn as a curve.

 struct PATH
     int pathPointsNum; // Number of points that discribe the curve
     int x;    // x-coordinate of a point
     int y;    // y-coordinate of a point
     int padding[2];
     (loop again from int x until all paths points are read)
     int unknown;  // always 0x05
     int unknown2; // always 0x0A
     int padding[2];
     int unknown[4];
     int padding[4]; // Garbage data like 0x004099AC


The footer is not of any interest. It does only contain two strings:

Sourcecode-Path e.g.: D:\darkomen\SrcCode\public\MP_Dots\editor\dots\M4_ENG.bmp
Name of the used bitmap e.g.: M4_ENG.bmp

But the bitmap name is not used ingame because there are different localized versions of the maps (with different filenames)

Editing Tools

A simple, Java-based editor by Ghabry: DOT-Editor

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