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How to create a new map This is a short guide how to create a new map by using existing files of the maingame. The best way is to create a new map with functional files of the maingame and make the important changes later. The example uses the grafics of B2_08, AI-script of B4_03 and is placed in the campaign as B1_02 (second battle).


Step New Folder

-change the name of Dark Omen\GameData\1pbat\Bx_0x to Bx_0xold (simple backup =) -create a new folder at the Dark Omen\GameData\1pbat and name it Bx_0x


-change B1_02 to B1_02old -create new B1_02

Step The graphics!

-copy the graphics of your map you want to use

Every map need the files: -M3D -PRJ -need change of name -SHD -need change of name -LIT -need change of name -FURN -LTEXTURE -TEXTURE -Bx_xxBitmap -M3X

Example: B2_08


-PRJ B2_08.PRJ -> change name to B1_02.PRJ

-SHD B2_08.SHD -> change name to B1_02.SHD

-LIT B2_08.LIT -> change name to B1_02.LIT


-LTEXTURE of B2_08

-TEXTURE of B2_08

-Bx_xxBitmap B2_08.BMP


Step The BTB-file!

You need the BTB-file of the same battle as the graphics. The reason is simple, all borders and deploymentzones are saved there. Name it like your new battle -> Bx_0x


-copy the B2_08.BTB into your new B1_02 and change the name to B1_02

Step The second BTB-file

If you want to use an other AI-script you need to change the triggers of the BTB-file All units, player- or enemyunits, waypoints, spawnpoints are triggers with some attributes. We need the last part of the BTB-file, use the BTB-Editor and open both BTB-files, the one of the craphic(mainBTB) and the BTB-file of the AI-script(AI-BTB). Do the same with an Hexeditor to which allows copy/paste the important Hexcode.

Now go to the position in both BTBs where the part of the unit/waypoint triggers start. At the BTB-file its the 6000Chunk, at the hexcode its not a 6000! The number changes every BTB-file. Copy all from the 6000Chunk of AI-BTB and past+overwrite the 6000Chunk of mainBTB.


-search at the B4_03.BTB the line 84110000 08000000 0C ..... -copy all from begin at the 8411 to end of file

-search at the mainBTB B1_02.BTB the line FC150000 08000000 0C..... -past/overwrite at the begining of FC15 to end of file

Now it looks like: A0080000 05000000 84110000 08000000 0C.....

Step The CTL-file

You need the CTL-file of the AI-script you want to use. Same like the unit/waypoint triggers from BTB. Name it like the Battlefolder -> Bx_0x


We use the B4_03 CTL-file. B4_03.CTL and name it B1_02.CTL

Step The Army-files

You need a player and enemy army-file. Use the Bx0xMRC and Bx0xNME from the same battle as the CTL-file Rename these file and use the new Battle name.


We use the CTL-file from B4_03. So we copy the 2 army files from there. B403NME -> B102NME B403MRC -> B102MRC

Step Important changes at BTB-file-header

Open the mainBTB with the BTB-Editor. The 2000Header looks like 1 integer 2 integer 1001 string name of mercarmy 1002 string name of enemyarmy 1003 string name of CTL

write in the right names of the files in your new battle


1001 string b102mrc

1002 string b102nme

1003 string b102

Step Modify of the armies, BTB, graphics

coming soon

Old: We are now at the Stage of combining all the BTB knowledge into the new Map Viewer, to create a Map Editor.

However, to create or Mod Maps, the following files must be considered.

BTB - To move the line of sight / projectile obstacles around and boundaries, set up starting positions and map properties

Lanscape mesh - for rendering

PRJ - PRJ for furniture, heightmap and map square attributes

SHD - We know the format of, but not the function. Looks like some kind of lightmap or something

LIT - for the Lighting

Additional Files that may not require altering.

CTL - We can hope that we don't have to touch for multiplayer

ARM we should be able to use the original ones

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