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Note: The Bits in this table are going from lowest to highest bit. So the lowest bit is 1 and the highest 8.

Will never rout
Flagellants, steam tank and most undead have this
Immune to fear, can be routed
Most undead have this
Inflicting casualty causes fear
Screaming skull, undead chariot and Nagash has this
Goblin Flag (Trading Post Map only)
Only Night Goblins in B1_01 have this
Regenerates wounds
Only trolls have this
Only ghouls have this
Impervious to Magic
Only necromancer in B1_03 has this
Cause fear
Most undead have this
Never rally/regroup
Villagers and B1_04 Mage has this. When a regiment has been broken it will get the white flag immediately
Destroyed if routed
Wights, wraiths, zombies, Carstein and dummies have this
No retreat, no surrender!
No regiment uses this. Unit will never rout, retreat button without any use. Banner of Defiance and cheat code DONTMESSWITHME and Ctrl+C+I have the exact same effect
Cause terror
Black Grail, Dread King, Hand of Nagash and Wraiths have this
Always Pursue
No regiment has this; Regiment will follow retreating enemy until it is defeated
Treeman and mummies have this
No Item slots
Treeman, scorpion, spider, and wraiths have this
Elf racial flag
Only elves have this
"Engine of War" Rule
Steam tank and goblin fanatics have this
360 Degree Vision
Only giant spider has this
Can't be selected
Only goblin fanatics have this
Goblin racial flag
Goblins and goblin fanatics have this
Only necromancer in B1_03 has this
Unit contains fanatics
Only goblin with fanatics has this
Fear Elves
Which unit has this- Goblins?
Hate Greenskins
Elves and treeman has this
Aetherial "racial" flag
Only wraiths have this
Unimpeded by difficult terrain
Elves, treeman, spider, black grail, skel horsemen and wraith
Suffer additional wounds
Only skeletons and training dummy have this.
Only Treeman has this
Certain and tested
Highly likely but not tested
Function basically undeterminable... :(
Guess and/or untested
I changed "psychology" to "attribute". I originally used the term psychology when I started mapping out the .arm files, and I thought that only the Warhammer psychology stuff (like hatred, saga animosity, fearless, etc) were stored there. But as also physical stuff like terrain striding etc are represented here "attributes" is a more descriptive term. Mikademus 23:24, 18 September 2008 (UTC)

I have started colour-coding the above table. Since it has been a while I am not certain which attributes I definitely determined and which I merely surmised. Ghabry is the the current authority on unit attributes, and I hope he will be able to complete the chart. Mikademus 12:43, 19 September 2008 (UTC)

Certain or likely flags

Flag #9 (byte 2 bit 1): In DO only skeletons have this set. It seems to be the undead army list rule that skeletons (which are immune to fear and don't take rout tests) take additional wounds from being pushed back

Flag #24 (byte 3 bit 8): This is an adaptation of Warhammer's special Screaming Skull Catapult rule. The Screaming Skulls fired by the catapult cause fear, so if even one casualty is dealt the receiving unit must take a rout test. Since Hand of Nagash also has this is is surmised that is is also used to give extra oomph to his attacks, and in extension, to the attack of any unit with this flag.

Uncertain flags

Flag #3 (byte 1 bit 3): Only goblins have this set. It could simply to indicate race, or it could be to indicate goblins' racial traits. The WHTTv4 rules about goblins are:



Relevant WHFB TT goblinoid rules v4. Goblins

  • have animosity toward other goblinoids
  • hate dwarves (and gnomes)
  • fear elves (of numbers > half the goblins)
  • and some special stuff about being led by snotlings and substituting spells.

Flag #4 (byte 1 bit 4): Only elves have this set. It could simply to indicate race, or it could be to indicate elves' racial traits. The WHTTv4 rules about elves are:



Relevant WHFB TT v4 elves rules. Elves

  • are feared by Goblins if less than twice the numbers
  • have double encumbrance from armour

Wood elves

  • Suffer no movement or manoeuvre penalties in wooden areas
  • have 6" longer range with bows
  • and some special stuff about being substituting spells.

Are elves equipped with the same longbow (missile weapon type) as f.i. Helmgard Longbowmen? If so then we know that at least the additional distance rule applies.

Flag #18 (byte 3 bit 2): Only wraiths have this set. It could simply to indicate race, or it could be to indicate wraiths' special traits. The WHTTv4 rules about wraiths are:



Relevant WHFB TT v4 wraith rules. Wraiths

  • are immune to all psychology (seems not to be true in DO)
  • cause fear 12" +2 in all living creatures regardless of size
  • can only be damaged by magic, magic weapons, daemons, or undead chill attacks
  • have chill attacks that automatically cause 1 wound, no save and no armour
  • are bound to a particular place and dematerialise if they leave this zone or the thing they're attached to is destroyed
  • can pass through any material obstacle unhindered

Flag #12 (byte 2 bit 4): This units can't fight in Closed Combat and can drive over other regiments while charging.

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