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Screenshot of The Trading Post rendered in OGRE3D.
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Bright Prospects is the code name for the Dark Omen 3D editor (and possible game engine) project. It is currently principally developed by Mikademus, but will be integrated with Rob's BTB editor and a future ARM parser for complete level parsing and editing.

It was originally written using the Irrlicht 3D framework but due to limitations of Irrlicht has been ported to OGRE 3D.



Well underway and currently capable of loading and rendering an entire Dark Omen level. Not yet publicly available. Current features include:

  • Loading and preparing the level as specified in the .PRJ battle description file: terrain, water, and furniture.
  • Graphical effects underway: currently supporting texture animation (f.i. water animation).
  • Render states supported: transparent and colour-keyed texturing, which Dark Omen's software engine does not render
  • Loading and rendering the terrain shadow map specified in the .SHD file underway.


All items here are preliminary and subject to frequent change. Roadmap and future direction is speculative. No dates or promises are given.


Note: This is obsolete information about the previous version of the viewer made for OGRE 1.4.6. Since it was written specifically to import a Dark Omen map without converting it to a common WARTBED resource and not being compatible with OGRE v1.6.1 it is being rewritten. Code is available for interested parties.
  • 0.1: Rendering terrain and water
  • 0.2: Rendering map furniture
  • 0.3: Rendering texture blends correctly
  • 0.4: Additional map effects: shadow map, vertex lighting
  • 0.7: Rendering model graphical effects
  • 0.8: Rendering particle effects
  • 0.9: Rendering units
  • 1.0: Complete rendering of all specified aspects of a battle, including units
  • Bonus: Sound effects


Since Dark Omen uses its own format where terrain and water meshes are independent on the underlying height maps, it is difficult to change the terrain and save to new maps. Given the difficulties involved, it is still undecided whether we will implement the creation of new maps for the original Dark Omen game, or if we that will be only implemented for the Dark Omen engine remake (save format codename ".DO2").

  • 0.1: Moving and removing furniture on the map.
  • 0.2: New furniture (INSTances) addable to the map.
  • 0.4: All INST aspects editable
  • 0.5: All relevant DO aspects editable.
  • 1.0: .DO2 fully implemented. Edits can be saved as new battles.


Dark Omen was written in 1997--8, employs an unfortunate mixture of APIs creating great compatibility issues today, and is largely hardcoded. Therefore, since the game data structure is relatively well known, and the existing DO internte MP is problematic, is is reasonable to remake the engine.This remake will likely not directly use the existing DO data, but re-cooked imported (.DO2) data.

  • 0.1: Battle map loading and basic camera interface.
  • 0.3: Sprites and sprite-based units on-screen
  • 0.4?: Non-sprite based units (enhancement) on-screen.
  • 0.5 -- 0.7: Battle playable; 1P and MP battles working
  • 1.0: Dark Omen basic battle feature set implemented.
  • 1.5: Campaign support, Dark Omen campaign transposed.

Bugs and known issues

Maps lacking shadow maps

  • B1_02
  • B1_06
  • B2_04

Splatter maps where it shouldn't be

  • B1_01 (water bed)
  • B1_03 (water bed)
  • B3_01 (water bed)
  • B3_07 (troll ice man) has patches and geometry segments that are splattered but shouldn't be
  • (B4_02 has water but is not splattermapped)
  • B4_05 (water bed)
  • B4_06 (water bed)
  • B5_01 (small pyramids)
  • B3_01B (small pyramids)

Un-splattered patches on terrain

  • B1_05 (city map)
  • (B3_02 lacks splatter map on inaccessible hill above orc cave)
  • B3_06 (ice map)
  • B3_07 (ice map)
  • B3_08 (ice map)
  • B3_09 (ice map)


  • B4_01 has splatter map on the socket, but not on the terrain
  • B4_03 has dislocated buildings, but I wonder if this map is even in the game?
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