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Lordy, your site attracted attention for two main reasons. First from the piratebay link. Secdond because bem, ghabs and olly supported it in order to concentrate rather than splitting the community, and when I came aboard the project I followed suit and their example.

As for neutral, your deficiencies has been obvious for a long time. In spite of that, I advised neutrality and cutting you slack to everyone. When hostilities started to break out I tried to retain unity of community by offering you adminship of our site (which I can't mention by name because you'll delete the post if I did). There have been no one more neutral about you than me.

Finally, as for this freeboard being popular, the only posts here the last weeks are ones you have deleted and stephen crying out in anguish. So about leaving you alone, aye, I will do that and let you ferment in your solitude and self-serving lies.

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