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These rules are guides for fair and ambitious matches. It is up to you to play with these or not, of course. However, when we play tournaments we use one of these rule sets.

Basic rules or unpatched data

There is no need for any patches or anything that change your Dark Omen program in anyway when playing 3000/10 or 5000/15 matches.

  • 3000/10: The most common battle type played today. Only allows level one regiments. Geared toward balanced trade-offs between larger hosts consisting of weaker regiments or smaller with stronger units. Has proven to be balanced and allow a great variety of tactics. A good rule set for beginners.
  • 5000/15: Extended version of the 3000/10 rules. Only level 1 units. This allows for larger armies, more powerful units or more magic
  • Factions: Description coming soon

Advanced rules or patched data

9000/30 and DOST5 allows additional units. If you want to play with these units you must have installed our unit patch.

  • 9000/30: Divides units into core, rare, unique and characters, with rules for how many of each you can include. No level restrictions.
  • DOST5: Version 5 of the original Dark Omen Standard Tournament rules played when the game was new (1998--2002). The DOST rules focuses on scenario-based racial army builds.

Incomplete Rules

All rules which have to be improved and are not playable at the moment.

  • DOST2002: The last version of DOST does not focus on scenarios but on providing a fair ladder system. The rules are relatively complicated.
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