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PSX files are quite different from PC version of the game, but still can be opened. Although music and meeting dialouges cannot be accessed (Yet), we still can extract and convert audio files like battle commands, ambient sound during battle, and dialouge ambient sound.

Extracting the files

Right let's get this over with quickly. The first step is to download programs that could extract the files. I recommend downloading PSXSND.EXE. Look for it in google.

Right, now what you need is the image of PSX to get audio from it. Mount it with daemon tools or any other similar program and go to MISC folder. This is where all SFX are stored.

Now, copy the .VH and .VB files you want to disk c root folder (easier that way). Copy PSXSND.EXE there also. Open start menu, go to (somebody fix this since I don't know english version of the button) and type in cmd.exe

After that, type in

cd C:

Now type in following


Note that best frequency to open audio commands (SPEECH_X files) is 9500. If you try to open them at frequency 22050 it will play too fast. Anyway if you did everything right you should have .wav extracted....Not too hard..

Importing files into Dark Omen PC

I will do it tomorrow :P

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