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Warhammer unit attributes
Physical attributes
Attribute Full name Description
M Movement Allowance This represents the speed at which a regiment can manoeuvre, and is also used as a basis for

calculating their charge distance.

WsWeapon Skill This defines how skilled a warrior is with his weapons, or how vicious a monster is. The higher

the value the more likely the fighter is to hit a hand-to-hand combat opponent.

BsBallistic Skill This defines how skilled a warrior is with ranged weapons such as bows or crossbows, or how

accurate a ranged war machine such as a cannon is.

SStrength This shows how strong a creature is, and therefore how hard it can hit. Strength is used to

determine how easily a creature can hurt an opponent it has struck. The strength of the weapon is also taken into account.

TToughness This is a measure of a creature's or a machine's ability to resist damage when hit. The higher the value, the lower the chance of landed blows actually inflicting wounds.
WWounds This shows how much damage a creature or machine can take before it dies or falls unconscious (or in the case of machines, before it is ruined).
IInitiative This indicates how fast a creature can react. In close combat this is used to determine the order in

which creatures strike.

AAttacks This defines how often a creature attacks during close combat. A creature with more than one attack can potentially strike more than one enemy creature in the same round.
LdLeadership This shows how brave and solid a creature is. A creature with a high leadership is less likely to

flee from close combat (rout), and is more likely to rally if they do rout. Also, all regiments with a leader use his Leadership in any tests.

Warhammer 40K adheres to this set too, but units there lack the Movement attribute and has a Sv (armour saving throw) as part of the set (in fantasy battle armour saving throw is contingent on which armour you equip the unity with).
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