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The 9000/30 rule

This is a choice of play currently in progress. The 9000/30 rule will feature big armies and no level/armor restrictions, resulting in an exciting and micromanagement-intensive play style, great battles and well thought-through tactics and choice of units.


Everything under development is subject to changes, and some of the ideas may never see broad daylight.

Currently the idea is to create a restriction basis similar to the TT game of Warhammer, with restrictions to Characters, Special Units, Rare Units etc. As to which category each unit will end up in as well as how many units of each respective category will be allowed is currently being worked on. Some kind of restriction to the magic items is currently being thought through as well.

Another idea is to release a patch with the 9k-rule, featuring big characters, such as the Dread King for the Undead, Grimgor Ironhide for the Orcs & Goblins and so forth.

Suggestion: The TT unit restrictions

The TT divides units into a number of categories and stipulates rules on how many of each category you can have. An adaptation for our use could be:

  • Core: These are common and mainstay units in an army of this type. You MAY have any number of core units in your army, and you MUST have at least three core units in your army.
  • Unique: Unique units are very rare. You may only have at most ONE unique unit in your army.
  • Rare: Rare units are not uncommon, but difficult to obtain in larger numbers. You may only have THREE rare units in your army. This includes an unique unit, if any.
  • Character: Characters are unique individuals, and each can of course be included only once, though you can have several characters in your army.

Points List


Name Points Type
Mercenary Crossbowmen 2 * level Core
Imperial Cannon 3 * level Rare
Bright Wizard 2 * level Character
Imperial Halberdiers 1 * level Core
Imperial Bowmen 2 * level Core
Flagellants 3 * level Rare
Imperial Mortar 3 * level Rare
Mercenary Ogres 2 * level Rare
Mercenary Swordsmen 2 * level Core
Imperial Greatswords 1 * level Core
Ice Mage 2 * level Character
Mercenary Cavalry 3 * level Core
Pistoliers 3 * level Rare
Knights of the Realm 3 * level Core
Dwarf Warriors 2 * level Core
Wood Elf Glade Guards 2 * level Core
Wood Elf Archers 4 * level Core
Treeman 4 * level Rare
Units to be added to list:
Imperial Steam Tank  ??? Unique
Cavalry detachments  ??? Core


Name Points Type
Night Goblin Archers 1 * level Core
Night Goblins 1 * level Core
Gigantic Spider 2 * level Core
Giant Scorpion 1 * level Core
Night Goblin Shaman 1 * level Character
Orc Arrer Boyz 1 * level Core
Orc Boar Boyz 2 * level Core
Orc Boyz 1 * level Core
Orc Big'uns 2 * level Core
Orc Bolt Thrower 3 * level Core
Orc Rock Lobber 4 * level Rare
Orc Shaman 2 * level Character
Troll 2 * level Rare
Night Goblin Archers With Fanatics 2 * level Core
Night Goblins With Fanatics 2 * level Core
Units to be added to list:
Morglum NeckSnapper  ??? Character
Morglum NeckSnapper is a lone Boar
Rider to Hunt down Vampires


Name Points Type
Vampire 3 * level Character
Ghouls 1 * level Core
Mummies 6 * level Rare
Necromancer 2 * level Character
Screaming Skull Catapult 3 * level Rare
Skeleton Archers 2 * level Core
Skeleton Horsemen 4 * level Core
Skeleton Warriors 2 * level Core
Black Grail 10 * level Unique
Wights 3 * level Core
Wraiths 8 * level Rare
Zombies 1 * level Core
Units to be added to list:
Chariot [based on Hand of Nagash]  ??? Rare
Dread King  ??? Character


Name Points
Horn of Urgok 4
Banner of Wrath 3
Others 1

Revision history

  • 2009-02-07: BGK 13-->10 since they are unique (only one can be included in an army)
  • 2009-02-06: Suggestion of dividing units into core, rare, unique and character.
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