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DARK OMEN Objectives from EngRel Stringdump

004D8DBC: 'Objective Z - False - NODISPLAY',0

004D8DDC: 'Objective Z - True - NODISPLAY',0

004D8DFC: 'Objective Y - Fail',0

004D8E10: 'Objective Y - Completed',0

004D8E28: 'Objective X - Fail',0

004D8E3C: 'Objective X - Completed',0

004D8E54: 'Objective W - Fail',0

004D8E68: 'Objective W - Completed',0

004D8E80: 'Objective V - Fail',0

004D8E94: 'Objective V - Completed',0

004D8EAC: 'Objective U - Fail',0

004D8EC0: 'Objective U - Completed',0

004D8ED8: 'Objective T - Fail',0

004D8EEC: 'Objective T - Completed',0

004D8F04: 'Objective S - Fail',0

004D8F18: 'Objective S - Completed',0

004D8F30: 'Objective R - Fail',0

004D8F44: 'Objective R - Completed',0

004D8F5C: 'Objective Q - Fail',0

004D8F70: 'Objective Q - Completed',0

004D8F88: 'Objective P - Fail',0

004D8F9C: 'Objective P - Completed',0

004D8FB4: 'Objective O - Fail',0

004D8FC8: 'Objective O - Completed',0

004D8FE0: 'Objective N - Fail',0

004D8FF4: 'Objective N - Completed',0

004D900C: 'Objective M - Fail',0

004D9020: 'Objective M - Completed',0

004D9038: 'Objective L - Fail',0

004D904C: 'Objective L - Completed',0

004D9064: 'Objective K - Fail',0

004D9078: 'Objective K - Completed',0

004D9090: 'The gold is safe from the Goblins.',0

004D90B4: 'The Goblins made off with the gold.',0

004D90D8: 'The Black Grail survives.',0

004D90F4: 'The Black Grail is destroyed.',0

004D9114: 'The Hand of Nagash survives.',0

004D9134: 'The Hand of Nagash is destroyed.',0

004D9158: 'Objective G - False - NODISPLAY',0

004D9178: 'Objective G - True - NODISPLAY',0

004D9198: 'Objective F - False - NODISPLAY',0

004D91B8: 'Objective F - True - NODISPLAY',0

004D91D8: 'Count Carstein retains possession of the Jewel.',0

004D9208: 'Count Carstein is destroyed, as are his plans for the Jewel.',0

004D9248: 'Objective D - False - NODISPLAY',0

004D9268: 'Objective D - True - NODISPLAY',0

004D9288: 'Objective C - False - NODISPLAY',0

004D92A8: 'Objective C - True - NODISPLAY',0

004D92C8: 'Objective B - False - NODISPLAY',0

004D92E8: 'Objective B - True - NODISPLAY',0

004D9308: 'Objective A - False - NODISPLAY',0

004D9328: 'Objective A - True - NODISPLAY',0

so far

004D9554: 'The Dread King succeeds in repelling your attack. All life is set to be swept aside as his forces head for the Empire and beyond.',0

004D95D8: 'The Dread King has been conquered and his army collapses in the wake of his destruction.',0

004D9634: 'The Undead forces were unable to withstand your onslaught.',0

004D9670: 'The Undead fail to stop your progress towards Moussillon.',0

004D96AC: 'The Undead forces resisted your attack.',0

004D96D4: 'The Undead forces were repelled.',0

004D96F8: 'The Undead are free to befoul the woodland.',0

004D9724: 'The woodland is cleared of the loathsome Undead.',0

004D9758: 'The Undead continue with their attempts to enter the forest.',0

004D9798: 'The Undead',27h,'s attempt to enter the forest is foiled.',0

004D97CC: 'The farm falls to the Greenskin raiders.',0

004D97F8: 'The Greenskin raiders were repelled.',0

004D9820: 'The Undead brigade were undeterred by your onslaught.',0

004D9858: 'The Undead brigade is laid to rest once more.',0

004D9888: 'The Undead army resisted your assault.',0

004D98B0: 'Axebite Pass is clear of Undead.',0

004D98D4: 'The Undead army were unable to withstand your attack.',0

004D990C: 'The Undead assault was a success.',0

004D9930: 'Once again the Undead fail to stop your progress.',0

004D9964: 'The Trolls continue to cause havoc in the area.',0

004D9994: 'The Trolls have been vanquished.',0

004D99B8: 'The Undead attack was a success.',0

004D99DC: 'The Undead army failed to halt your march to Kislev.',0

004D9A14: 'The Orcs resisted your attack on their camp.',0

004D9A44: 'The Orc camp is destroyed and the booty is yours.',0

004D9A78: 'The Greenskins were undeterred by your attack.',0

004D9AA8: 'The Greenskin threat was repelled.',0

004D9ACC: 'The Undead army repelled your attack.',0

004D9AF4: 'The Undead army is driven from the tunnels.',0

004D9B20: 'The Undead horde resisted your assault.',0

004D9B48: 'The stench of the Undead is wiped from the land.',0

004D9B7C: 'Blighted Towers remains in the hands of the Greenskins.',0

004D9BB4: 'Blighted Towers is held by the Empire once more.',0

004D9BE8: 'The Orc raiders were successful in their attack.',0

004D9C1C: 'The Orc attackers were repelled.',0

004D9C40: 'The Greenskins',27h,' attack was a success.',0

004D9C68: 'The Greenskins',27h,' attack was foiled.',0

004D9C8C: 'The Undead ambush was successful.',0

004D9CB0: 'The Undead ambush failed to destroy your army.',0

004D9CE0: 'The Undead hold the main route to Karak Norn.',0

004D9D10: 'The route to Karak Norn is clear of Undead.',0

004D9D3C: 'The Undead army retains control of Helmgart.',0

004D9D6C: 'Helmgart is once more in the hands of the Empire.',0

004D9DA0: 'Helmgart is in the hands of the Undead.',0

004D9DC8: 'Helmgart',27h,'s attackers failed to take the tower.',0

004D9DF8: 'The victory belongs to the Undead army.',0

004D9E20: 'The Undead force is no more and the Countess is safe.',0

004D9E58: 'To brigands',27h,' assault was successful.',0

004D9E80: 'The brigands were repelled.',0

004D9E9C: 'Grissburg falls to its cadaverous invaders.',0

004D9EC8: 'The Undead threat is returned to the grave.',0

004D9EF4: 'The Orcs were undeterred by your ambush.',0

004D9F20: 'The Orcs failed to evade your ambush.',0

004D9F48: 'The trading post lies undefended.',0

004D9F6C: 'The trading post',27h,'s attackers were repelled.',0

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