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Recent tests, using the new Dark Omen TextEditor and BTB editor, have shown that each Building or M3D Furniture Objects, has a Bounding Box, that dictacts its size and prevents units to pass through/over it.

For example a Hut on mision 1 has a set size and prevents any movement through it.

The interesting tests have been on what happens when it is set alight and burnt to the ground. The result has been that it leaves Burnt remains behind but unfortunately this can not also be walked over by units/troops.

However, we have been working on a solution to this, that would provide a method to create Destructable Walls.



Take the Blighted Towers Map as an example, we can successfully move the Castle Walls forward, closer towards the 2 Towers and even duplicate this for the other end of the Map. Our intention is to create a Map where players have a Castle each and must use Siege Engines to fight their way through the Castle.


But the problem has been that any object, set to Burn would have a final "Burnt model" that still retains the Bounding Box size of the Orginal Object. For instance the Hut can set to have no final model to display or even a model that can be walked over, like a Grave M3D object. However, unfortunatley these can still cant be walked over, as the original Hut size/Bounding Box remains.


Instead of using M3D objects/buildings, we will use Sprites/Units. The idea was inspired by the WoodenDummies Sprite. A solid Formation that can not be Charged or passed through but yet can be Burnt and Blown up.

This is achieved by assigning its Stats (using Wh2Edit)as Monster which makes it impossible to charge.

Therefore we can create a new Wall Sprite.


The Castle Walls on Blighted Towers has an Entrance that can be Blocked up with a Gate Sprite, that can not be charged or walked through but can be Blown Up! or set on Fire!

Gaps in Defensive walls can be filled with Wall Sprites of identical Texture but can be Torn down by Artillary and perhaps impervious to Flame.

Online Multiplayer Tests will follow and their results Documented.

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